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I happened across the above link and thought I would share it. I warn you, visiting this page may cause you some discomfort. (NO these are NOT graphic images of sex or human death or anything like that) The discomfort will hopefully come from being jarred from the comatose sleep we are all enjoying right now, myself to be included.

I have not personally visited every link for every headline on this page (but I have read many of them on various other sites as they were reported), nor have I explored much of the site itself (And I am not endorsing the entirety of the content on this site). This is just the first place I have discovered where so many examples are compiled into one list.

So why would I believe that the stories are true? And just so you know, I DO believe the stories are true (and probably more numerous than even mentioned here). I believe they are true- in part because you hear quick sound bites announcing only a few of these happenings in the mainstream media, and only then because some fluke has caused it to be made public in such a way as it could not be hidden or swept away. But mostly I believe the reports because the Word of God predicts these occurrences.

Hosea 4 is one such place:

Hosea 4:1-2 Hear this message from the LORD, people of Israel. Indeed, the LORD brings a charge against the people who live in the land— for there is no truth and no gracious love or knowledge of God in the land. 2 Swearing, lying, murder, theft, and adultery are rampant, and blood mingles with blood. (International Standard Version-ISV)

Wow. Sounds like a familiar place to me. A land where truth is no longer an expectation; where mercy is for the weak; and the One True God has been cast out to make room for perverse sensuality. The majority of people are so seared in their own conscious that the following traits are not only commonly practiced but desired, welcomed, and applauded:
Cursing– the crudeness and vulgarity of the tongues in people’s mouths today disgusts and saddens me. There is neither purity nor praise on the lips of those created in the image of the God whom they so adamantly deny.
Lying– the expectation is no longer to find honor, and truthfulness. No! Now governments and leaders can only lie and even more disappointing is the fact that the masses seem to want the lie over the truth. In fact you can more easily find someone being ostracized in the mainstream media for being an honest, ethical person with a decent Biblical moral foundation.
MURDER– Killings on a scale that defies imagination. Serial killers paraded and celebrated on television and film, murders so despicable and vile as to be unspeakable. Violence against person, against ethnicity, against culture- senseless and apparently without measure.
Theft– no need to mention the various types of larcenies perpetrated when one only has to mention the fact that we live in an age when the theft of personal property is trumped by the imminent threat of having your very identity stolen. And in increasing numbers people are having their very persons being stolen to be merchandise as slaves for acts so depraved I can only attribute acts to the instigators having given themselves over entirely to demonic influences.
Adultery– there is no longer sanctity of marriage, no union in which to devote oneself to another, no covenant between a man and a woman to live as an illustration of Christ and His bride, the church. Bodies are just objects with which to fulfill perverse physical lusts, we have given ourselves over to a love of hedonism rivaling the Roman Empire during its fall. Who can defile oneself more and more quickly than the next seems to be the goal. And as we languish in our putrid filth heaping upon ourselves disease and death, the media and movie moguls celebrate our enlightenment and progressive culture.

Hosea not only reports that these things are occurring, but that their occurrence is rampant. Instead of the word, “rampant” the King James states, “they break out”, as in something that bursts out of its container, something that overflows. Our sinfulness and delight in it is bursting out!

It gets worse.

…blood mingles with blood…

That phrase speaks of all these acts of rebellion, sin, and violence happening with such rapidity that the blood of one crime mingles with the shed blood of the following crime as each event comes more and more quickly. I can think of no better illustration than murder of innocents in the womb. According to this site there have been in excess of 1,335,859,000 murders since 1980. Surely blood touches blood as the King James words it.

So, what does Hosea 4:1-2 and all that I have written above have to do with a link to a website detailing a bunch of dead fish around the world? Well, verse 3 will help bring it all into focus. One of the warnings God gives in His Word is when the times become such as described in the aforementioned verses, then certain events will come.

Hosea 4:3 Therefore the land will mourn, and all who live there will languish, along with the wild animals of the field and the birds of the air. Even the fish in the sea will disappear.

Whether the masses want to admit it or not, America and most of the world are in a state of mourning. Once proud and powerful countries are languishing- their populations becoming emaciated and weakened by the morass of existential thought where universalism and moral relativism fueled by political correctness invites in and allows fantasy to dominate over reality, and lies to prevail over truth. How else can we on one hand prosecute a drunk driver involved in an automobile accident for murdering an unborn child whose mother was on her way to have a legal abortion? Or how can one of the bloodiest religions so called, one responsible for mass executions, the perpetuation of human trafficking, and numerous and seemingly perpetual acts of terrorism be touted and applauded as the Religion of Peace?

With these things in mind can you now understand the reason for wondering at all the dead fish?

This link is even more concise and details many other types of mass animal deaths.

These events hopefully will serve to awaken Christians to their responsibility towards recognizing and redeeming the time, for it is most assuredly short. I also hope they serve to awaken non-Christians to the fact that something is wrong in the world and they go looking and listening for an answer and hear the Gospel call to salvation in Jesus Christ.