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What is going on?

I have asked myself this question more times in the past few years than ever before in my life. Particularly in the last year as I have witnessed a seemingly wholesale departure by society, in letting go of all that has heretofore been considered normal and good. With shock and disbelief I watch as seemingly intelligent people readily and willingly, absolutely abandon all reason and sanity. Celebrating the fact that they are systematically dismantling the elements that comprise the foundation of this once great country. The building blocks which form the base upon which life as we have known it stands- for so long enabling so many to experience freedom, liberty, personal choice, and the fulfillment of their dreams of a better life. And yet, one-by-one the building blocks are knocked down; free speech, personal liberty, freedom of religious expression- Toppled by the various sledgehammers of our supposed enlightened modern age; political correctness, diversity, tolerance…

Being a Christian, my reaction to these changes is complex. Part of me hates and recoils from the truly sinful attitudes and actions of many of the lifestyles celebrated today. Another part of me desires to reach out to those celebrating this abandonment of all that is true and good but honestly, I lacked the dialog to do so. I could find no entry into the conversation that would meet the ones to which I would speak at a place where they could relate to the Gospel.

It is not enough to attribute the behaviors and attitudes of today’s society with a simple generalization such as “sin”. Of course it is sin, just as a cancer is cancer. But identifying the type of cancer one suffers with allows for appropriate treatment to begin. For so long I had approached “treating” the sin in society as if it were a cancer derived from a general humanistic system, all the while meeting with little effect. I could certainly see that society had plunged headlong below Francis Schaeffer’s “Line of Despair” and that the relativistic framework of the secular humanist had allowed for the expulsion of God and subsequently the inclusion of everything else in His wake. Yet, I could not reconcile the premise used when approaching the issue apologetically, the language just did not fit. Constantly I encountered some new sense of spirituality pervading the conversation. It was no longer, “God is dead”, but “my god is as good as your god”. Enter Peter Jones and his concept of Oneism and Twoism.

In Dr. Jones’ book, “The Other Worldview: Exposing Christianity’s Greatest Threat” we find society divided by only two basic worldviews, Oneism and Twoism. The Oneist sees creation as one, a single unified force in-which all are part of the cosmic whole. A position the Apostle Paul addressed in Romans 1:25, “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.” The Twoist sees creation as having been created by a personal and immanent God who is apart from and separate to the rest of creation- two. In the book Dr. Jones delves into the rebirth of this pagan religion which had its birth back in the garden of Eden itself when the serpent tempted Eve with the thought of becoming like God, an influence that can be traced through the mystical Eastern Philosophies to the new universal spiritualism of today.

Exploring the root issues and influences that have brought us to this point in history; the birth and death of Secular Humanism, Jungian Psychology, Eastern influences, the revolutions of the sixties- enables the construction of a foundation from which to build a new vocabulary; one which can communicate with the spirituality of this new/old worldview. Dr. Jones is firmly rooted in the Scriptures and has a keen grasp of not only what ills society today, but how we got here, and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be effectively presented to heal the sickness.

If you find yourself also asking the question, “What is going on?” I would certainly recommend you read this book.


The Other Worldview: Exposing Christianity’s Greatest Threat

2015 Peter Jones              Kirkdale Press                  ISBN 978-1-57-799622-4

I received from the publisher a free copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing the book. The review is entirely my opinion freely offered.