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I want to take a moment and direct your attention to a fantastic Bible study software that I have recently come across. Something I immediately appreciated when I opened it for the first time was the clean, simple interface. The program design is very efficient and easy to use. Here is a quote from the developer’s website to better explain what the function of the software is.

“Until now if you wanted to discover the emphasis of Scripture you would need to learn Greek and Hebrew.  But no longer.  The Discovery Bible software overlays the emphasis of the sacred original text of Scripture on top of existing translations.  Now anyone can read the emphasis of Scripture without having to learn Hebrew or Greek.  We’ve done the long, hard work and would love to share it with you.

The philosophy behind The Discovery Bible is simple: to empower people everywhere to appreciate the rich beauty of Scripture contained in the original Hebrew and Greek languages.  Our focus is on making insights from the original languages available for everyone.  Over the course of the last 38 years we mapped out all the emphasis in Scripture.  We also created a symbol system for marking the original verb tenses.  The Greek verb tenses and Hebrew aspects are really quite different from English and knowing these adds incredible depth and understanding of the word of God.  Next, we created an easy-to-understand symbol system.

exlaim  For example, in the image on the left, the wavy line is used to mark a verb that suggests an ongoing or continual action and the exclamation mark shows it is a command (for Greek geeks, it denotes the present imperative tense).  So when we read The Discovery Bible and see that symbol we know it is calling us to continually obey an instruction.  For example, in Eph 5:18 where Paul says we need to “be filled with the Spirit,” he used the Greek verb tense to show we need to be continually filled with the Spirit.”

And it works! Here are a couple screen captures to illustrate the clean, easy-to-use interface.




So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out already.

DOWNLOAD from this page.

By the way, I am not profiting or earning royalties in any form by doing this. I have personally spoken to the lovely people developing this software, and their hearts are truly in it to see the furtherance of God’s kingdom. Too many Bible software companies out there are only in it for the money, Dr. Gary Hill and his team are certainly not one of them. Download the 21 day trial, try it out for yourself, and then let them know what you think, I guarantee you will be amazed at the response you receive- and that from their hearts.

Have a blessed day.